Barry Whittaker: Throwing Things at the Sky to See if They Stick

11th September - 19th October 2014


Whittaker investigates myth, language and miscommunication through a variety of technology and collaboration-based multi-media projects. His digital prints, videos and game-based interactions explore the ways in which we communicate in our technology-driven world.

Speaking to each other through machines generates misunderstandings that expand through media to become ubiquitous, accidental “information.”  Whittaker says, “I like to image communication in its most fractured and disrupted forms.  Our inaccuracies travel through space and time.  We’re only aware of our communication tools because of their failings and shortcomings.”

Whittaker has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Japan and recently returned from a residency at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo.

He received his BFA in Photography from the University of Texas at Austin and his MFA in Photography/Media at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Whittaker is assistant professor of new media at the University of Toledo.

This UMF Art Gallery exhibition is sponsored by the UMF Department of Sound, Performance and Visual Inquiry.